Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My kid came back home to live with me. She brought with her, her two cats. Which was fine. I have a Mainecoon mix that recently lost it's mate. So we settled in and all was well. Until summer. When we received an orphaned kitten who I probably would have insisted she take back had it not been for the fact he was cute and sweet as sugar and did funny things like carry his empty food bowl out to the living room and try to use the food bowl as a liter box. Then my in laws brought over their cat before they went to Florida which was the deal less they put her down. So now I look like the crazy cat woman and my home is Catopia. I have community food bowls and the water squirt bottle is a permanant fixture in my living room. There are cat toys and cat treats everywhere, we have holes in the bottom of doors shaped like, mouse holes and squares. So the cats can come and go as they please. I've been merilessly teased about being a animal hoarder....(have you seen that show ?) and my first phrase to anyone walking in my house for the first time is this, " The Siamese and the shorthaired gray one are my daughters cats that are here till she moves out to her own place, after she finds a job...The long haired and the marmalade are ours, and the calico is my I laws cat that is staying for the winter while they are in Florida....Otherwise I really only have two cats." ....(breathe)... Thus explaining away the notion that I am crazy and or am substituting cats for kids. Which isn't helped by the fact that I call them my fur babies.


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